Salsanatura, a company very attentive to quality

Creativity, naturalness and freshness make our products special, which are prepared with artisan care and with high quality raw materials. Starting from the oil, the ingredient behind almost all our recipes.

Only sunflower oil

The Sauces are made with sunflower oil, ideal for mayonnaise sauces. It is a food with a delicate taste, which enhances the aroma and flavor of the other ingredients, and its light consistency is the basis of the creaminess of our sauces.

Fresh ingredients of Italian origin

The other ingredients are fresh and of controlled and guaranteed origin. Like eggs, certified, of which we know the entire production chain. The care with which we choose vegetables is revealed on the palate at the time of tasting: mayonnaise and vegetables are combined in a compound so rich that it does not require other additions during the preparation of the dishes.

Fresh, very fresh indeed cold

We do not use chemical additives, but a strict cold chain that is the basis of the freshness and goodness of our sauces.

From the moment of the selection of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, each phase and each transfer are guaranteed and treated with the utmost attention.

In step with the evolution of taste

Attention to changes in taste and eating habits leads us to study new recipes and to perfect existing ones. Creativity is the key to keeping up with an increasingly demanding market.