Mexican Sauce

Mexican sauce with mayonnaise, mixed vegetables, frankfurters and paprika


Sunflower seed oil, pasteurized egg mixture, cultivated champignon mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus 72%, sunflower oil, salt, rice starch, garlic, parsley, pepper, flavorings, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, acidity corrector: citric acid ), tuna ((Thunnus albacares 70% (allergen: FISH) olive oil, salt)), carcio, wine vinegar, sugar, salt, lemon juice (100% lemon juice), acidity regulator: citric acid , antimicrobial: sorbic acid. May contain traces of mustard.

Appearance: brilliant, homogeneous emulsion
Color: pink / orange
Smell: typical, recognizable in the note predominantly pepper, devoid of anomalous scents (rancid, oxidized …)
Taste: typical, noticeable a sour taste, the note pepper, and well characterized in the spicy note, devoid of aftertaste
Consistency: compact / creamy. Crunchy vegetables”

The eggs used in the egg mixture come from hens raised in battery and fed without the use of artificial colors (the product does not contain synthetic dye E 160f).

GMO declaration

In the preparation and production of fresh mayonnaise, no ingredients are used that may derive from genetic modification processes: all the ingredients used are declared by the suppliers to comply with the regulations in force (Reg. EC 1829 and 1830 of 2003 and relative updates).

Available formats

Nutritional characteristics

Average content per 100 g of product:
Energy value524 kcal / 2157 kJ
Total fats55,95 g,of which saturated 6,46 g
Carbohydrates2,71 g of which total sugars 2,38 g
Proteins2,10 g
Salt (sodium x 2,5)1,12 g

Shelf life and conservation methods

Glass vase kg 0.96120 gg.
Heat-sealed vacuum tray kg 0.96120 gg.
Heat-sealed vacuum bucket kg. 590 gg.

Store in the original packaging at a temperature of 0 to + 4 ° C.

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